Central Business Area - Bahnstraße

The central business area under the Retail Trade Concept runs along Bahnstraße, continuing into Lindenstraße and ends at St.-Maurice-Platz in the east and Martin-Luther-Platz in the west. 


It also includes Franz-Bardroff-Straße and Dr.-Vits-Straße to the station and the area around it. This location is the central shopping area in Erlenbach and also the heart of the town.

Redesigning the Town Centre - ProZent

The aim of the new development is to create a town centre between the town hall, the Frankenhalle and the station area. Residential construction in Bahnstraße is to be entirely replanned. It is intended that single to three-storey buildings will be erected between the town hall and the existing old buildings south of the station, creating an area for a town square. The ground floor will be for commercial use (retail, gastronomy, etc.) Upper floors will be for service industry, possibly hotel and residential use. There will be an underground car park below the construction. The town is currently looking for an investor for this project.