Child care


"Promoting families in all stages of life is a main focus of municipal action and providing a wide range of offers" is one of the 10 guidelines for town development planning passed by the town council in 2006. These guidelines dictate the working procedure for council and town administration in favour of its citizens regarding all further town development. This idea is complemented by the following guideline laid down in the Family Policy Plan of 2012: "In the areas of child care, upbringing and education, current offers should be maintained and developed as required. To this end, further development of existing networks and creating new ones will be promoted. " Erlenbach a. Main has a wide choice of child care geared to the needs of families.
Promoting family life, of course, begins with the youngest. The town operates four municipal nursery schools for crèche children from age one and nursery school children from age three to primary school age. 

Nursery schools as an education establishment
From the point of view of complete education, nursery schools today have become much more important. They are no longer simply a child care facility for working parents. The educational opportunities, even for three year olds, has considerably increased the significance of these facilities in society and actively preparing preschool children for starting school rounds off the comprehensive work of the municipal nursery schools.

Promoting language skills as a means of integration
In a town with a high percentage of children with a migration background, nursery school teachers have a special responsibility to help children integrate. It is imperative to make these children fit for school, particularly with specially designed language opportunities.

Supplementary private child care facilities for crèche children
Erlenbach a. Main has crèche places for children under three in its nursery schools in Dr.-Vits-Straße in Erlenbach and Weinbergstraße in Mechenhard. In addition there are private child care facilities which are financially supported by the town.

Supplementary after-school care
Erlenbach a. Main offers after-school care in school classes for primary school children. Children have the possibility to relax and have lunch together here after school. After doing homework, there is still enough time to play and exchange ideas together. Holiday care is also provided. 

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